• Why do transitions fail?

    Why do transitions fail?

    It is an exciting, energising, daunting stage in the life of a tech firm. Attention from a Private Equity firm with an interest in either growth or buyout is validation of the vision, energy, leadership and passion a founder has poured into their business over years. PE firms typically don’t look for companies that need […]

  • Change is the new normal

    Change is the new normal

    Short term pain for long term gain Over the last two decades, there has been a worldwide decline in the number of publicly listed companies, accompanied by a rapid growth in private organisations that exist unburdened by the reporting, compliance and complicated shareholder relationships that come with the territory of listed companies. According to Harvard […]

  • Prioritising post transition change projects

    Prioritising post transition change projects

    What to do first? – A risk based approach for post-acquisition transition. Due diligence is complete, negotiation is over and the deal is done. Another successful company acquisition with all of the hard work behind us, right? Well, it isn’t that straightforward. No matter how good the deal is on paper, the difficult work of […]

  • Maintaining deal value

    Maintaining deal value

    According to Forbes and Harvard Business Review, over 75% of company acquisitions fail to deliver the value that supported the business case to make the investment. That figure, while confronting, reflects the day-to-day experience of General Partners across the globe, and is born out in the return profile most PE funds. Overall, Private Equity and […]